Not for the politically correct Christian.

First-rate thinker.
Conservative stalwart.
Legendary theologian.


Who was Robert Lewis Dabney?

Robert Lewis Dabney (1820–1898) was one of America’s greatest theologians. He was a Southern Presbyterian pastor, professor, philosopher, chaplain, church leader, author, and biographer of Stonewall Jackson. Among Dabney’s many gifts was his ability to predict the future, which resulted from his razor-sharp logic and thorough understanding of the world around him. Nowhere was Dabney more prophetic than in his writings on public theology, where he sought to apply the Bible to cultural and political issues in society. 

What is Dabney On Fire about?

In addition to an introductory chapter, Dabney On Fire contains four of Robert Lewis Dabney’s greatest essays, in which he expounds upon the significance of parents, the failure of public schools, the dangers of feminism, and the limits of civil government. Dabney’s fiery style shines through, as this first-rate thinker and conservative stalwart puts forth the Bible’s teaching on these issues and critiques his opposition. These essays will inspire parents of young children, equip Christians dealing with secular thought, and challenge all who assume modern views of equality.